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That Captivating Academy

The step-by-step guide to unique lead generation and sphere nuturing to grow a sustainable real estate business!

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Are you dreaming of a flourishing real estate business without...

  • Doorknocking
  • Cold Calling
  • Buying Leads
  • Banging your Head Against a Wall

AND that doesn’t require hundreds or even thousands of dollars monthly…

Wish someone would just tell you what to do step-by-step
and not gate keep the secrets?


That Captivating Academy


As agents ourselves, we get the challenges you face when it comes to generating leads. That’s why we’ve crafted this course specifically designed to meet your needs. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, our course is jam-packed with strategies, tactics, and resources that will make you the real estate star you were born to be.

You get everything to start generating leads today

Lead Generation Tactics

with Step-by-Step Walkthroughs

Lead Nuturing with the 2 to 1 Campaign

Turn Warm Leads to Clients

The Blueprint for your Current Sphere

12 Months of Marketing Done for You

Here’s what you can expect to learn from That Captivating Academy

✔️ Free to Cheap Lead Generation Tactics

✔️ Step-by-Step Walkthroughs

✔️ Canva Tutorials 

✔️ Generating Custom Homes Lists

✔️ Creating an Effective Email Strategy

✔️ Running Successful Open Houses

✔️ Building on Listing Momentum

✔️ Worthwhile Social Media Ads

✔️ Taking a Lead to a Client

✔️ Effective Sphere Nurturing Strategy

Ready to Explode Your Real Estate Business?